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AEON Hosting
There is no Wrong Choice
When you Choose Aeon Hosting.
  Turbo Speed Servers
  FTP access
  Free installation of CMS
(must be paid yearly after the free trial period)
  Turbo Speed Servers
  Managed Hosting + FTP
  Free installation of CMS
  Free SSL and CDN
  Website Optimization
  Developer Support
(must be paid yearly after the free trial period)
Online Store
  Development and Support to get you up and running
  Unlimited Products
  Customer Dashboard
  Inventory Tracking
  No added transaction fees on Credit Card processing
Setting up an online store can be expensive and time-consuming. It doesn't have to be! With our Online Store package we've already done the heavy lifting. We walk you through every step.
$100 one-time setup fee
(additional charges paid monthly, determined according to sales volume)
$10: up to $500 in sales that month
$30: up to $1,500 in sales that month
$60: up to $3,000 in sales that month
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If you already have a domain, please enter your primary domain. If you need to register a new one, leave blank.
We require your email or else your phone number to sign up for the free trial. No credit card is required. You will not be automatically billed at the end of the trial.
Fast Hosting

Yes, speed does make a difference.

The facts show that when the average person has to wait more than just 3 seconds there's a 50% chance they'll click away from the website and go find a faster one.

Every AEON Hosting™ account is automatically equipped with super-fast loading speeds that are among the very fastest available for under $100/month.

We challenge you to compare our speeds versus competitors. See for yourself how we blow them away in speed.

Here at AEON we've had a philosophy since our beginning in 2006: none of the glitz and glamor, and all performance.

Web Development

Do you need web development help?

AEON Hosting™ works with a team of freelance web designers and developers that we've known for years. They are extremely good at what they do, and it wont cost you an arm and a leg to use their services.

After you sign up for a free trial, you will be given this opportunity if you are interested.

Cheap Dot COM Domain Registration

.COM for just $9.45 a year. Not just the first year— every year.

If you need a new domain, you've found the right place. Most companies play a game of bait and switch. They let you register a domain for a trival price, but then the next year they raise the price to $15 or more.

Then, if you want to transfer your domain away from them, they make it a hard complicated process hoping that you give up in frustration.

At AEON Hosting™ we don't believe in such tricks and bad business practices. Your domain is YOURS, and we made transfering it away is as easy as we possibly could.

Developer? Set up the site now, defer pricing to your client later.